Big Bang Productions!


It’s been a particularly exciting week at Big Bang HQ as our team at ThrillPic Media have joined up with Rich Tea Films to create a new short film about Big Bang Promotions.  Our office played host to cameras, lights and crew on Tuesday as we turned HQ into a film set for the day.

When it comes to recruitment, here at Big Bang we have been lucky enough to secure the services of an excellent team of dynamic and passionate staff.  Only in the last couple of weeks we have brought in a new Business Development Manager, Lauren, who joins us after a successful spell as Sales Executive for Exposed Magazine, and a new Race Director for Beyond the Ultimate, Kris; an ultra-runner and gym owner who is currently planning to run up Kilimanjaro in August for charity!  However, we want this team to continue to grow and we’ve often found it a challenge to explain to prospective recruits exactly what Big Bang Promotions is about.

With that in mind, our recruitment team decided that we needed a video about Big Bang; something that would show the many varied activities of our dynamic and ever growing team to other amazing people who might be looking for a new challenge.  It then fell to the ThrillPic Media team to find the right film-makers to help them capture the character of Big Bang and it just so happened that we had the right man for the job among our own event crew!

Photographer and film-maker, Jack Churchill, has been taking awesome photos of bungee customers for over a year now and, thanks to his friendly nature, hard work and technical wizardry, has quickly cemented himself as an essential member of the team.  It just so happens that Jack is also part of the trio behind Rich Tea Films; a London-based company rapidly building a strong reputation as creators of extremely high quality promotional content for market leaders in events, technology and tourism.  People like Big Bang in fact!

The alliance made, our newly formed film crew arrived at Big Bang HQ earlier this week ready to cover a day in the life of the company and to interview some of the team.  ThrillPic asked everybody to think up a sentence which explained why they love working for Big Bang Promotions and the answers were even better than expected.  Some highlighted the friendly, social atmosphere, some the freedom given to manage themselves and others the company’s willingness to use all of it’s member’s ideas and skills.

After a very exciting day, the Rich Tea crew and ThrillPic will now go on to visit our event sites and see what our event crews get up to every weekend before retreating to the studio for editing and post production.  Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the video’s progress.  For a little taste of what’s to come click here!


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