The Sun - Dream Team FC


We were delighted when ultimate fantasy football game from The Sun Dream Team FC asked us to help them with their recent marketing campaign. The marketing campaign was to encourage sign ups to the fantasy football as well as bring awareness to the game by providing a consultancy to operate the brand promotion stunt by conducting a 160 ft bungee jump football game.

The dream team conducted an experiment using 10 footballs, 3 brave volunteers and our expertise bungee team, rope and cage. The volunteers were flung into the air at 40 mph to try and attempt a mid-air header, volley or bicycle kick!   The goal was attached to the bungee cage and after 6 hours of attempting, they just couldn’t score, with the final jump of the day seeing the volunteers score a goal!

Watch the video here

We can offer Brand Promotions and PR Stunts of all kinds which include bungee jumping, Abseils and Fan descenders generating national and international press coverage.

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