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Big Bang Promotions oversaw the planning and execution of a totally new and bespoke stunt for Top Gear Live – Car Bungee Jumping!

The car bungee stunt was performed over a number of years and visited locations around the world including Sydney, Johannesburg, Durban and Moscow. The stunt was performed not only in front of live audiences of tens of thousands it was aslo done in some pretty iconic locations such as Red Square Moscow, undertaken as a PR stunt to conicide with the distribution rights of Top Gear in Russia.

The stunt was also modified to bungee jump a Lotus Formula One car with the stig strapped inside the car for a viral video on behalf of Rexona. The stunt was performed at the Top Gear Festival in Durban South Africa. See the video here

How it happened

A completly unique and bespoke project for the Top Gear Live team; car bungee jumping was the brief...

  1. Can it be done?
  2. In front of a live audience?
  3. In Johannesburg in a couple of months time?
  4. With a presenter in the car?

Roll forward to March 2011; and Big Bang Promotions and UK Bungee have designed and helped build a bespoke platform to hold the car and new bungee cords had been made with a successful test completed in the UK. The South African crane company was sourced, the car and rig air freighted on a 747 to Johannesburg and James and Andy from Big Bang were on site ready for the show.

The car bungee was the final stunt of a live show to an audience of 6000 spectators, with commentary from the UK’s Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Sasha Martinengo; SA’s massively loved F1 presenter, Radio DJ and TV Broadcaster was the brave icon who volunteered to be harnessed into the driving seat! Sasha had no option but to show pure bravery as cameras and microphones were beaming every facial expression and reaction back to the spectators.

The car bungee featured in all 9 of the scheduled shows, dealing with SA’s extreme heat, extreme rain and extreme lightening storms – the latter of which provided a little excitement for the crewmember in the cage!

After the massive success and reaction from the spectators in Johannesburg, the Car Bungee was booked to head to no other than Russia’s Red Square, Moscow, where the car bungee thrilled over 100,000 spectators at the Moscow City Racing event.

As with SA, the car plunged 300ft between the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow’s most iconic landmark, to within a few feet from the ground. Nothing before like this had taken place in Red Square.

The stunt was staged to celebrate the announcement that RSS City Racing  Ltd had signed a license to bring Top Gear Live’s Stunt Show to Moscow for its Russian premiere in 2012.

  1. Video 1 - click here

  2. Video 2 - click here

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