Endemol is a global leader in entertainment programming and the largest independent television and digital production company in the world.

The company covers all elements of the entertainment spectrum including development, production, marketing, distribution and franchise management.

Endemol comprises a global network of more than 80 companies in 31 countries including the USA, the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Latin America, India, South Africa and Australia.

In early 2010, Big Bang Promotions was contracted to work on Endemol’s pilot show; ’101 Ways to Leave a Game Show’, described by Endemol as “the play-along fun of a glitzy, Saturday night quiz with the full-on adrenaline rush of an extreme stunt show”.

For Big Bang Promotions part, 7 contestants would find themselves balanced on a ‘trap door’ 30 meters above a 3-meter deep pool of water. Each contestant would be attached to a bungee cord, hung from a floating gantry a few meters above their heads, suspended by 2 mobile cranes. The second the quiz question results for that round were announced, the trap door below the loosing contestant drops away.

The bungee cord had been configured precisely to each contestant’s weight so as to allow them to hit the water, but only go in as far as their chest – every facial expression was to be caught on camera!

More recently, Big Bang Promotions was approached by Endemol to work on Channel Five’s Big Brother 2011. With a few options open to the Big Brother Team such as a bungee jump, a winch-out and a catapult from the garden, it was decided that a bungee jump directly above the garden would form an excellent addition to the contestants ‘YES’ challenge.

Given the shape of the BB House, access and external space, the crane for the stunt had to be positioned 34 meters away from the garden – requiring a larger than normal crane to be used which also resulted in a substantial 75meter jump height!

“it’s great to be part of the new series and I hope that it has given channel five the confidence to involve more adrenaline activities in their shows – it always seems to be well received by the viewers” Jon Snape, Managing Director, Big Bang Promotions.

To add to the excitement of the stunt and provide some great camera angles, the selected housemate would be required to come down as low as possible – a safe level just a few meters above the roof level around the garden. Despite adding a couple of logistical complications (each contestants weight is different and required individual calibration of the rigging to achieve consistent jump results) this added a really fun twist to the stunt.

Heaven was the first housemate who said ‘YES’ to the challenge and after a little bit of ‘persuasion’ at the top, jumped successfully!

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