Our Activity and Experience Provider


Adventure activities and experiences are definitely our forte as one of the UK’s most prominent providers. With almost 25 years of involvement in this area we believe we have a strong understanding of what it takes to draw the most pleasure from an activity. We do this without allowing safety precautions to over shadow the experience, however the safety aspect of any activity is of our upmost concern and our track record proves that by ensuring the most efficient level of care and procedures are implemented and strictly followed through with incessantly.

 Big Bang Promotions offers:

  • DTV Shredders- we can bring this adrenaline activity to your venue pr event with the aim of increasing footfall and driving secondary spend. 
  • Segways- we are the UK's leading provider of segway activities.
  • Bungee Jumping- we work with venues to provide unique experiences to their audiences with the aim of increasing footfall, driving secondary spend and improving the local economy. 
  • Driving Experiences- we are able to organise these experiences in one of our 16 UK locations. 
  • Rope Courses- we can design anything to suit you with our extensive experience in design, installation, and operation for rope courses. 
  • Zip Wires- can be customised to suit any needs and easily installable to e.g. buildings, trees, poles and climbing towers of all heights. 
  • Abseils- managing abseil events for; corporate events, charity events and promotional events.
  • Freefall Descenders- provides a freefall simulation that controls your decent to ensure a safe landing. 
  • Vertical Dropslides- for brand promotions, PR stunts, corporate events, festivals, and outdoor events across the UK. 
  • Sky Walks and Roof Top Tours- e.g. sky walks, edge walks, tower climbs, bungee jumps, sky jumps, flying fox, and roof top tours. 
  • Ultra Marathon Races- we manage Beyond the Ultimate which consists of four races in the jungle in Peru, the mountains in Napal, the dessert in Namibia, and the artic in Sweeden.  

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