Our Media Production Service


Extreme sports photography, Experience Day Photos, Leisure Photos, Printed and Digital Solutions are what is offered by our photography services.

Whilst video production is specifically aimed at adventure and the driving experience markets. Click here to see our collaboration with Aston Martin and the video produced to cover the client launch of the V12 Vantage for their clients and social media.

Instant videos for merchandising on event days in the form of experience day videos are produced. We have gained an efficient routine of ensuring that they are available to customers straight away for both the public and corporate events on DVD, SD card or USB.

Thrill Pic Media Ltd provides five primary services:

  • Video production and editing- for e.g. Beyond the Ultimate, Aston Martin, British Cycling
  • Event Photography- for e.g. Mercedes Benz World, UK Bungee
  • Experience Day Filming- for e.g. UK Bungee
  • Retail and Merchandising Services- for e.g. Supercar Drive Days, Segway Events
  • In-Car Filming- for e.g. Supercar Drive Days

360* cameras are Thrill Pics latest venture. It works by capturing a number of high resolution images of a product, venue or setting and these images are then stitched together and transported onto specific software which creates a 360* tour. We provide 360 camera hire and bespoke 360 productions. 


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