Corporate Events - Bungee Jump


The ultimate adrenaline corporate event!

It’s a challenge like no other that goes against every natural instinct - it’s about facing fears and pushing natural boundaries. The experience is all about one decision, the decision to jump that only the participant can make! (Well, we can help a little!) For those unsure of heights and apprehensive it can build confidence and create totally unique feelings of euphoria.

It’s a once in a lifetime challenge that enables participants to tick that “done it” box of life’s experiences. Having faced the ultimate adrenalin experience others should only show respect and admiration to such participants, this is an exciting and exhilarating activity.

This is also a great opportunity for Charity EventsCharity Bungee Jumping is an excellent way of raising funds. We have a straightforward booking and follow up process which helps the Charities anfd Fundraisers organise the Bungee Jump and focus on raising funds. 

For more information about booking a charity jump or corporate event please get in touch 0845 319 5767 or email 

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