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Big Bang Promotions is a leader in events, activities and sports, and are experts in delivering experiential marketing through adventure activities and event-based roadshows. We have represented some of the world's greatest brands and manage thousands of events every year. With operations all over the globe and hundreds of thousands of people attending we specialise in adding value through various services from, Providing Activities, Event Staff, Venue Partnerships, Full Event Management Services, Media Production, Ticketing and Software, Telephone & Booking Services and Management Support

Experiential Marketing, Brand Promotions & PR Stunts

Experiential Marketing, Brand Promotions & PR Stunts

Bungee Jumping a formula one car? Diving from 160ft into a river to catch fish? A mid-air game of catch? 360 Cameras in Supercars? Abseil down Table Mountain? We've done all this and more! Big Bang Promotions are experts in experiential marketing in particularly in adventure activities & high profile stunts as well as specialist work within the automotive industry. We have helped brands generate global coverage undertaking some of the most daring brand promotions and PR stunts over the years - and we love it!

Education - STEM Kart

Education - STEM Kart

We run exciting STEM challenges using Electric Go Karts and provide hands on learning for secondary School pupils across the UK. 

Teams of pupils work together to understand the importance of STEM and the impact it has on our lifestyle, the environment and everyone’s future. In the first project of its kind, we use state of the art electric go karts to educate young people in a fun and engaging environment. Schools and colleges across the UK can all benefit from our services, with a focus on KS3. 

Full Event Mangement Service

Full Event Mangement Service

Take out the hassle and let us manage your event for you. We offer a full event management service with strategic planning and quality control, we will ensure your event is a success.Currently Big Bang Promotions puts on over four hundred individual event days every year ranging from small one day events to large corporate gatherings.

  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals
  • Live Promotional Road Shows, Brand Promotions, PR Stunts
  • Charity Fundraising Activities
  • Races and Sporting Events
Live Promotional Road Shows - Leisure Products & Vehicles

Live Promotional Road Shows - Leisure Products & Vehicles

Live Promotional Road Shows - Leisure Products & Vehicles

  • Promotional Events
  • Live Marketing Campaigns
  • Bespoke Promotional Vehicles
  • Hospitality Vehicles
  • Promotional Staff
Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service

Leisure specific call answering service, we specialise in answering your incoming calls and can act as your reception line, leaving you and your team free to concentrate on your business. We have the ability to take reservations and bookings as well as give admin support.

  • 7 days a week
  • Dedicated Line
  • Realtime Dashboards to View
  • Monthly Reports
Ticketing and Reservations Software

Ticketing and Reservations Software

Our software partner is the team at Square Triangle who have developed a cloud based business managment system based around bookings and reservations called Matrix 

It is aimed at leisure businesses to centralise reservations, accept payments and streamline business administration. Matrix makes bookings and reservations more efficient for both customers and staff as well as providing comprehensive reporting tools for management.

To see a full feature list and prices please see our online brochure here

Agency Partnerships

Agency Partnerships

Big Bang Promotions are a leading provider of experience products to all of the UKs leading gift experience companies. We Partner with a range of agencies.

  • A wide range of experiences
  • Nationwide locations
  • Professionally run
  • Safe positve experiences
Event & Experience Media Production

Event & Experience Media Production

Our media partners are the team at Thrill Pic Media Ltd provide high quality photo and video services specialising in Action and Adventure.

Retailtainment - Activations

Retailtainment – the convergence of shopping and entertainment its a growing trend in retail that’s meant to deliver enticing in-store customer experiences.

Although "Retailtainment" is a realtively new buzz word Big Bang Promotions has been involved with integrating leisure activities and events with retail for years. 

Management Support

Management Support

We can offer expert management support and consultancy for events activities and experiences. Our extensive knowledge can generate new revenue streams and build brand loyalty among your consumers.

  • Strategic Development
  • Marketing and Creative Direction
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Financial Support
  • Invoicing
  • Administration Support
Event Staffing

Event Staffing

Our event staffing division hosts an extensive pool of experienced event professionals who are fun, friendly but most of all, experienced. They have worked on many events across the world ranging from  small local events to international outdoor events and roadshows.
Our Event Staff:

  • Event Hospitality Staff
  • Event Registration Staff
  • Merchandise Sales Staff
  • Activity Instructors
  • Event Photographers
  • and many more........
Corporate Events

Corporate Events

With existing operations in major venues up and down the UK and being the end provider of numerous leisure actvities, Big Bang Promotions is in a unique position within the corporate events arena.

  • Venues across the UK
  • Team Building and Group Events
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Reward and Recognition
Venue Partnerships

Venue Partnerships

We run leisure activities and services on behalf of various companies, vistor attractions and venues . If you are looking for a safe professional leisure activity provider to work under your brand or company name then Big Bang Promotions can provide a bespoke service.

  • High quality products and services under your brand name
  • Skills and resouces to deliver the right product and service for your brand
  • Full mangement solution to deliver on leisure projects
TV & Film Stunt Consultants

TV & Film Stunt Consultants

Big Bang Promotions has worked with television production companies world wide. Having mainly provided venue finding services and stunt facilitation.

  • Stunt Work
  • Rigging
  • Location Services

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