Education - STEM Kart


We run exciting STEM challenges using Electric Go Karts and provide hands on learning for secondary School pupils across the UK. 

Teams of pupils work together to understand the importance of STEM and the impact it has on our lifestyle, the environment and everyone’s future. In the first project of its kind, we use state of the art electric go karts to educate young people in a fun and engaging environment. 

Schools and colleges across the UK can all benefit from our services, with a focus on KS3. 

Future Engineers 

Our mission is to enthuse and inspire young people into pursuing careers in STEM. 

With a national shortage in technicians, engineers, scientists and innovators we are at the forefront of inspiring the future in every discipline. 

We have a key focus on green technologies so we can accelerate the pace of change. Diversity in STEM is one of our highest priorities. 

We want to help reduce the impact of climate change and believe in the power and importance of educating young people in the importance of clean transport. That’s why we’re educating the future STEM ambassadors and playing our part in leading the world to reduce its carbon footprint 

Keeping it Green Our vehicles are manufactured by the world leader, Segway. As a leader in two-wheeled electric mobility, it's always been Segway's vision to produce environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives. Today, more and more people are using Segway products as an eco-friendly alternative for many of the short journeys that are typically made by car. Besides that, zero-emissions are given off during operation. 

Why STEM Kart? 

Big Bang Promotions is a company with over 25 years in delivering experiences. We would like your pupils to experience our STEM challenge and be part of a new concept in teaching. All pupils will have the chance to ride a Kart in a large space (usually sports hall) within an inflatable track. 

Don’t worry there will be no racing, this is about education. 

Activities are run under controlled conditions with speed limited under 15 miles an hour and share the inflatable track with only one other child driver at the time. All participants will be fully trained and kitted out with a helmet and seatbelt and is guaranteed a lesson he/she will not forget. All operations will be fully insured, and risk assessed with full endorsement of the school 

Pupils will develop their understanding how electric vehicles work and how we can improve them. They will understand the impact of STEM and the development of technology, whilst ensuring that we protect the planet. Tasks are designed to help everyone works as a team to improve individual and group performance, whilst improving individual self-esteem. We use all areas of STEM to inform our learners and develop individual’s strengths. 


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